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Client Testimonials

Sometimes, in this life, you need some assistance along your path. You do not want to burden your family or friends with your challenges, so you talk to the “neutral zone”. Purpose Community Therapy has been my “neutral zone”. No judgment, just a listening ear, probing questions that stimulate my thought process, recommendations to move me forward and discussions that assist me with seeing my accountabilities. I can sincerely state PCT has provided an intellectual stimulus to my challenges with procrastination which, in turn, has allowed me to move forward on some very important aspects of my life. It has been greatly appreciated
– Gloria

From the moment I started looking for a counselor, I saw Dr. G’s picture and I knew she was the one. I can’t explain it. I have never had an unpleasant feeling about her. My child responds to her and she opens up, in a way I couldn’t get her to. Dr. G gives her tools to use when dealing with school, parenting, and friends. I have seen a difference in my child. She has also helped me better understand how my child feels when dealing with difficult situations. I would recommend her to any family.
– T. Hills

I am very pleased with Ms. G’s services, with my two children. I have seen a big difference since I have been coming. Ms. G is very passionate, patient and I am pleased with the results.
– J. Hall

I got better on my grade and my adutled (I don’t know what word he meant to write).
– T. Poole

Ms. Chantay Golson at Purpose Community Therapeutic Services was the best thing that I could have asked for. She has given me a new way of thinking, feeling and living about myself. When I started coming here, I was so depressed and not loving myself. I was so angry with myself and the person who has hurt me. I am now happy with myself. She taught me how to use very good coping skills. She is a compassionate listener and provided whatever assistance I needed. Thank you Ms. Golson for bringing joy back in my life.
– Ms. Ladedea Kelly

I would recommend Ms. Golson’s therapeutic services. Ms. Golson’s approach is direct but very logical. It has helped me to put my personal issues in better perspective by looking at myself instead of focusing on the issue at hand. As a result of Ms. Golson’s therapeutic technique of counseling, I am able to have a better understanding of those problems that had become a hindrance to my well being. Each session I learn more about myself and she allows me to address those issues or problems. She is attentive to those issues I bring to the forefront and she always helps me find a solution to my issues before my session has ended. I made the best choice for myself when I selected Ms. Golson’s services to help me become a more assertive and confident person.
– Anonymous

Ms. Golson has truly been God sent. Ms. Golson helped me during some very difficult trials in my life. She taught me how to incorporate coping skills to deal with my depression and anxiety. Ms. Golson has also had to help me with grief counseling after losing my parents. I can’t even put into words how much she helped my teenage daughter’s and my relationship. I would recommend Ms. Golson with Purpose Community Therapeutic Services. She truly cares about her clients.
– Anonymous

I appreciate the time you spent actually listening to what was going on in my life. The response was not only a psychological one but also a spiritual one that has helped me to be a better person.
– Anonymous

Thank you for your encouraging and inspiring words that have helped me get through some difficult times. You have a gift for empowering others to believe in themselves despite life’s challenges. I’m grateful for that.
– VG (GA)

Hello everyone, I would like to take the time to share a moment that Ms. Golson helped me through a very trying time in my life. I realized for the first time in my life, at the age of 37, I had lost the first person I was ever in love with. Ms. Golson helped me face things in my past that pointed to never knowing what true and unconditional love felt like. When it was over she helped me learn how to truly love myself after the pain is gone.
– KW (TN)

Ms. G has helped me and my son very much. So we are talking more and doing fun things. Thank you so much, Ms. G.
– L. T.

Ms. G has provided excellent service to my child. His improvement since coming is amazing. She is very professional and is very good about relating to me and my child as well as holding my child accountable.
– L. H.

My daughter has confidence now and is like a rose that has several petals.
– Anonymous

Mrs. G has helped me and my son very much, so we are talking more and doing fun things. Thank you so much Mrs. G.
– L. T.

She is doing a great job with my child and I would love for him to keep seeing her.
– A. W.

Mrs. G has provided excellent service to my child. His improvement since coming is amazing. She is very professional and is very good about relating to me, as well as my child, and holding my child accountable.
– L. H.

My son is a very shy and quite child. However he does suffer from ADHD. He comes to Mrs. G to work on some of the areas that he struggles in. I have seen improvement in the areas handwriting, organization and giving details.
– C.C.

I was a reluctant at first. Only because it’s hard to open up to a complete stranger about very private issues. I knew that my daughter had some things that needed to be addressed.

You worked with her so well. She opened up to you and you communicated extremely well.

My daughter has confidence now and she is like a rose that has several petals.

I have seen a tremendous difference in her in just a couple of months.

You are professional, down to earth and I am forever Thankful.


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