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Therapy for family, couples, individual

Sometimes, it’s much easier to wallow in our problems and hurts. Are you tired of wallowing in self-pity? Have you figured out that worrying only causes more grief, stress, anxiety, anger or tears? Need someone to help you clear your head? Look no further, I too have been where you are and I understand. Isn’t it great to learn that there is a way out? Make your appointment today to begin “A New Way of Thinking, Feeling and Living”.

I specialize in individuals (children, teens (at risk) and adults), couples and families to re/connect in a healthy way by assisting with problems such as defiance/opposition behaviors, poor communication skills, conflict resolution, anger (anger management), grief, bullying, trauma, academics, relationships, life skills, daily living skills, stealing, runaways, hurt/emotional pain, mood swings, depression, anxiety and ADHD coaching by educating each client to learn and practice mood and behavior management,.

I offer the following services: Anger Management Therapy, Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Life Coaching, Couples/Relational Therapy, Court Ordered/Self Referred Anger Management Evaluations and Classes (group or one on one), Youth Empowerment & Parental Groups, Parental Coaching, Public Speaking, Family Violence Class, Organization and Business Strategy Coaching.

Our Mission is To Encourage, Inspire and Teach “A New Way of Thinking, Feeling and Living” to each client. And our vision is to promote growth and competency to each employee in order to provide a refuge to the community.




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